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Red Tacton – A Human Area Network

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Red Tacton – A Human Area Network

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Red Tacton – A Human Area Network

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The Independent Community for Dassault Systemes CATIA, ENOVIA, DELMIA, SIMULIA & 3DVia Tools. Redtacton Presentation 1.

RedTacton JOSE THOMAS.P Computer Science & Engineering Semester 7 TocH Institute of Science&Technology Date/9/ Presented By. Red Tacton is a new Human Area Networking technology that uses the surface of the human body as a high speed network transmission path.

It uses the minute electric field emitted on the surface of the human body, and communication is possible using any body surfaces, such as the hands, fingers, arms, feet, face, legs or torso.

RedTacton Technology This detailed article on Red Tacton technology is developed by our team for students as a Seminar topic for their academic needs.

We have referenced various research papers,reports and other documentations for developing this article. Red Tacton is a new Human Area Networking technology that uses the surface of the human body as a safe. Red Tacton can achieve duplex communication over the human body at a maximum speedof 10 mbps {draw:frame} {draw:frame} The Red Tacton.

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Red tacton
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