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Planet's strongest storm hits the Philippines

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For view, the player characterizes to clear a building of zombies first and then decades to pass a city rain which has a vulnerability. We travelled to the Philippines with one dream – finding the perfect, white sand, pristine turquoise sea.

You know, the works. The Philippines were on our radar for ages, after several of our friends visited and posted pictures of stunning beaches, world class dive sites and multicoloured sunsets, we simply couldn’t wait. Queens of Our Beautiful Planet - Philippines added 2 new photos.

Reigning Mrs Planet Kristine Quinto is now in Athens, Greece as part of her tour for Mrs Planet She is set to pass on the crown in Bulgaria very soon. It is in these locations where Planet Water affects change the most.

Where the River Gives and Takes Malinao, Philippines Living in a remote mountainside town high in the Batanga mountains, the people of Milanao struggle with poverty.

Typhoon Mangkhut is the strongest storm on the planet so far this year.

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It made landfall in the Philippines' Cagayan province on Saturday. Find great deals on eBay for lonely planet philippines. Shop with confidence. The Philippines' No. 1 Source of Super Hero Arts, Lifesize Statues & Lifesize/Scaled Busts, Prop Replicas, and Other Comic Memorabilias.

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