Pier 40 commercial office analysis

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On the Waterfront: Pier 40 and the Limits of Commercial Development

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Pier 40 at Hudson River Park

2 feels, longer leases at Pier 40 should only be allowed for projects that limit the gross floor area of commercial uses to what is built on the pier now; the pier’s existing donut-shaped three-story pier shed issquare feet; and if a project is to exceed that size, then the extra space should only be used for park.

Apr 04,  · Could those soccer fields on Pier 40 in the Hudson River Park be headed for a professional upgrade in the future?

Pier fear: C.B. 2 issues emergency opinion on Pier 40

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The current. Chapter 2: Land Use, Zoning, and Public Policy A. INTRODUCTION The proposed project would result in the rehabilitation and redevelopment of the historic Pier 3. Stephen Ross, Jeff Blau and Bruce Beal. Chairman and Founder; CEO; President at Related Companies Last Year’s Rank: 1 Jeff Blau was in a good mood on the morning he spoke to Commercial Observer for Power The day before, Page Six reported that Sting rented an apartment at West 28th Street—Related Companies’ property that straddles the High Line and was designed by the late.

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Brown, Mitchell & Alexander, Inc., (BMA) is a consulting engineering firm specializing in civil engineering services. With over 50 years' experience in the study and design of public and private water, sewer, storm drainage, road/highway improvements, site development, beach erosion/renourishment and pier/harbor related projects, the firm provides a full spectrum of civil design services, from.

Future of Pier 40 Pier 40 commercial office analysis
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