Modulation of gene

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RNA-Eluting Surfaces for the Modulation of Gene Expression as A Novel Stent Concept

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Modulation of miRNAs by Vitamin C in Human Bone Marrow Stromal Cells

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Therapeutic gene modulation

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The HBB gene provides instructions for making a protein called beta-globin. Beta-globin is a component (subunit) of a larger protein called hemoglobin, which is located inside red blood cells.

In adults, hemoglobin normally consists of four protein subunits: two subunits of beta-globin and two. Neurotrophins have emerged recently as potent factors for synaptic modulation. The relationship between the activity and neurotrophic regulation of synapse development and plasticity, however, remains unclear.

A prevailing hypothesis is that activity-dependent synaptic modulation is mediated by neurotrophins. The human BDNF gene contains. In particular, we demonstrate the coordinated modulation at transcriptional level of a gene set involved in S-adenosylmethionine synthesis and ammonium assimilation with increased demand for coniferyl alcohol for lignin and lignan synthesis, enabling a better understanding of the metabolic requirements in cells undergoing lignification.

GEM (Gene Expression Modulation) is a probabilistic framework that predicts modulators, their affected targets and mode of action by combining gene expression profiles, protein–protein interactions and transcription factor–target relationships. Modulation of Gene Expression in Key Survival Pathways During Daily Torpor in the Gray Mouse Lemur, Microcebus murinus DSpace/Manakin Repository.

DASH Home; Shannon N. Tessier, Jing Zhang, Fabien Pifferi, Martine Perret, and Kenneth B. Storey. “Modulation of Gene Expression in Key Survival Pathways During Daily Torpor in the Gray.

Modulation of gene
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