Mickey mouse paper punch

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Mickey Mouse Template

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Printed on coated paper with brilliant rich color, they are perfect for creating personalized projects in displays. Each letter measures at 4".

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Best of all, the whole set features the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse® characters! Buy Now. Construction paper, a glue stick, 3/8 ” ribbon cut into 5″ strips, a Mickey Mouse craft punch, an office style single whole punch, a 1″ circle craft punch, a 2 1/2″ circle craft punch, and a 3″ circle craft punch.

Create cute designs on your craft and paper projects with the Ek Success Medium Mickey Punch. This punch can be used with paper, textured sheets, cardstock and vellum to punch out adorable shapes.

You can use these shapes with adhesive tags and epoxy stickers to add fun twist to your scrapbooks, journals, charts and posters. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Party Ideas: Food. I love the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Friends (Minnie, Mickey, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, and Pluto) but wanted to make sure to include all of the special friends as well when planning out my menu.

So the menu ended up including something to represent all of the Clubhouse characters. Paper Punch Craft Store Online, Silhouette Paper Punches Craft Punches.

abrasiverock.com Silhouette Mickey Mouse Swirly Paper Punch. Paper Shapers Mickey Icon medium punch is great for any paper crafts, Lever Punch. $ 's More Paper Punches. Product Description. Eureka Cut Outs can add creativity and fun to bulletin boards, hallways, walls, projects and more.

Various shapes and colors are great for decorating, writing the week's spelling words, student names or awards.

Mickey mouse paper punch
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