Kidder s ethical checkpoints

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There are all ideas of ethical questions to hiring with. For musician, athlete, and moral thinker, making good decisions usually requires a patient investment in process – and plenty of practice.” (pg ) Kidders’ Nine Checkpoints, which are summarized below, are offered as a: “guide to the underlying structure of ethical decision-making.” (pg ) Kidder’s Nine Checkpoints for Ethical.

Ethical Decision Making and Behavior

3. Determine the moral agent(s). “If this is a moral issue, whose is it?” “Who is morally empowered to do anything in the face of the moral issue raised?” 4. Investigate the “trilemma” options. Is there a third way? A middle ground? A compromise?

Identify and list all possible alternatives and courses of action. 5. - Kidder’s Ethical Checkpoints is going to be applied to analyze the case of Mike Nolan’s ethical decision.

The recognized problem for this case is a passenger has suffered a heart attack, so Nolan needs to decide to follow Denver’s orders or demand a landing for medical evacuation. It employs classical ethical theory, moral reasoning models, and critical-thinking skills to resolve ethical choices through case studies involving reporters, editors, broadcasters, and practitioners in advertising, marketing, and public relations.

How Good People Make Tough Choices

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Research and practice of ethical decision-making models (Cooper, ; Kidder, b; Nash, ) clearly demonstrate that principals and educational leaders may be trained to make ethical decisions.

How-ever, in order to learn and practice the decision-making formats one must rst know and understand basic ethical principles.

Kidder s ethical checkpoints
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Ethics and the Media