If men could menustrate

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How Long Should a Period Last?

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56 year old still has periods

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What Causes Flushing of the Face?

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Dying to Be Thin

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6 Natural Treatments for PCOS

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10 Amazing Facts About Your Breasts

A period is when blood comes out through a girl's vagina. It is a sign that she is getting close to the end of puberty. Puberty is when your body goes from looking like a kid's into looking more like a grown-up's.

There is a lot to learn about periods. If your doctor suspects this could be the cause (and you have other symptoms, like fatigue, thinning hair, weight gain or loss) she'll run a simple blood test and probably prescribe a medication.

The (My) Real Skinny About the HCG Diet By LynetteSh on February 8, in Weight gain Two weeks into the first maintenance phase and I’m happy to report that I have maintained my weight.

If Men Could Menstruate by Gloria Steinem. Living in India made me understand that a white minority of the world has spent centuries conning us into thinking a white skin makes people superior, even though the only thing it really does is make them more subject to ultraviolet rays and wrinkles.

If Men Could Menstruate. By Gloria Steinem, Ms. Magazine, October A white minority of the world has spent centuries conning us into thinking that white skin makes a. Critical Analysis of "If Men Could Menstruate- A Political Fantasy" The issue at hand in the article "If Men Could Menstruate" is the question of what would the world be like, and how would it be different from the present, if women no longer menstruated and men did.

If men could menustrate
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