Endophytic fungi+research papers

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Endophytic fungi research paper

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The industrial partners of scientists screening for novel biologically active secondary metabolites are both interested in previously unknown activities for known metabolites (Anke & Erkel ), and in attaining a high proportion of novel structures from the culture extracts.

The research paper published by IJSER journal is about Isolation of Colletotrichum gloeosporioides gr., a novel endophytic laccase producing fungus from the leaves of a medicinal plant, Piper betle.

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This research was conducted using a survey method, isolation and identification of endophytic fungi based on morphological characters that were based on fungi identification book, as well as testing the ability of the fungi.

ABSTRACT: Due to abundance and diversity of fungi and endophytic fungi. Documentation of fungi and endophytic fungi are important work in the scientific research area and also fungi and endophytic fungi are a major resource of various applications.

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Authors Bhat and Karim are with Food Technology Div.School endophytic fungi research papers of Industrial Technology, Research paper ngv Univ.

Office of Dean(Ac Research Reference page research paper sample) is organizing endophytic fungi research papers One day Technical Workshop on"Scholarly Article Writing and Journal .

Endophytic fungi+research papers
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Endophytic fungi research paper