Disease resistance breeding

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Disease resistance in fruit and vegetables

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Disease resistance in fruit and vegetables

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Plant disease resistance

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Genetic populations are being used for genetic mapping and the identification of quantitative trait loci (QTL) associated with resistance to Fusarium wilt (Lambel et al. ; Branham et al.


Plant Breeding: Steps and Methods of Plant Breeding for Disease Resistance!

The molecular markers tightly linked to resistance to Fon race 1 and race 2 will be further developed and used in breeding programs of watermelon. Trade-off of breeding for resistance Sometimes however there can be a trade-off, for those varieties which have increased immunity or resistance may be lacking in other qualities such as flavour, yield or quality.

Breeding plants with resistance against a specific disease requires the identification of resistant plants, which are then crossed with agronomically acceptable. Disease Resistance Fusarium Head Blight a Chinese hexaploid wheat, is one of the most prominent sources examined for Type II resistance (spread of the disease in the infected heads).

Our breeding efforts resulted in t releasing the cultivar Divide in that has some level of resistance to FHB. This module is a companion module to Disease Resistance Breeding: Soybean Case Study and may be taken before, at the same semester, or after the Soybean Case Study module.

The module focus is the discovery and use of transgenes to provide disease resistance in crops. In general, in current agriculture three major strategies are used to improve disease resistance in crops.

Disease Resistance Breeding: Transgenic Strategies

The first strategy involves improvement of cultural practices. The second approach comprises the improvement of crops through conventional or molecular marker-assisted breeding of .

Disease resistance breeding
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Plant Breeding: Steps and Methods of Plant Breeding for Disease Resistance!