Bacardi breezer

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The Radio ad titled SNACK was done by Lg&f advertising agency for product: Bacardi Breezer (brand: Bacardi) in Belgium. It was released in Jun Bacardi Limited (/ b ə ˈ k ɑːr d i /; Catalan: [bəkəɾˈði]; Spanish: [bakaɾˈði]) is the largest privately held, family-owned spirits company in the world.

Originally known for its eponymous Bacardi white rum, it now has a portfolio of more than brands and labels. Founded inand family-owned for seven generations, Bacardi employs 6.

Looking for Bacardi Breezers,not seen any for a while now ;(have they stopped making them? Anyone know where I can purchase some from?Thanks:).

Bacardi Breezer, Breezer for short, is a fruit-based alcopop with % alcohol in Australia, 4%/5% Canada, in Europe, 4% in the United Kingdom, and % in India. Bacardi Breezer. 22K likes. Bacardi Breezer, Breezer for short, is a fruit-based alcopop with % alcohol in Australia, 4%/5% Canada, in Europe, 4% in.

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Bacardi breezer
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