Are plastic bags cheaper than paper

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Paper bags or plastic bags: which are best?

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Paper or plastic — what’s the greener choice?

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Why Plastic is Actually Better Than Paper in Packaging.

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Paper bags or plastic bags: which are best?

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“Paper bags are much bulkier than plastic, so they fill up more landfill space,” Rathje says. “They’re three to five times bulkier than plastic, and you can see that yourself at the grocery.

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Paper bags, which many people consider a better alternative to plastic bags, carry their own set of environmental problems. For example, according to the American Forest and Paper Association, in the U.S. alone used 10 billion paper grocery bags, which adds up to a lot of trees, plus a lot of water and chemicals to process the paper.

The coalition claims that plastic is just as green as paper or, perhaps more accurately, paper is just as harmful to the environment as plastic [source: Heredia].

It contends that replacing plastic bags with paper will cause more harm than good to the planet. Plastic, because it's cheaper to produce, is the overwhelming choice of grocery stores across the nation — the average family of four uses almost 1, of these a year.

San Francisco is limiting consumers' freedom of choice, allowing only biodegradable plastic bags, which break down over months rather than hundreds of years. According to a study (funded by US plastic bag manufacturers), it takes almost four times as much energy to manufacture a paper bag as a plastic bag.

Paper-bag manufacture uses 20 times as. We may think plastic bags are a better choice for the environment, but they often aren’t. Made from non-renewable crude oil, plastic bags aren’t biodegradable and it takes millions of barrels of oil to produce them every year (though, being lighter than paper, it takes less fuel to ship them).

Are plastic bags cheaper than paper
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