A discussion on superfund contamination clean up

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U.S. Military Once Again Pollutes Drinking Water and Won’t Clean It Up

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Gowanus Canal

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Fish, Wildlife, and Bombs: The Struggle to Clean Up Vieques

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Katherine T. McCaffrey teaches anthropology at Montclair State University. She is the author of Military Power and Popular Protest: The U.S. Navy in Vieques, Puerto Rico (Rutgers University Press, ). The Lower Passaic River is a mile tidal stretch from Dundee Dam to the river mouth at Newark Bay.

The river has a long history of industrialization, which has resulted in degraded water quality, sediment contamination, loss of wetlands and abandoned or underutilized properties along the shore.

CERCLA is informally called Superfund. It allows EPA to clean up contaminated sites.

Superfund Waste Management

It also forces the parties responsible for the contamination to either perform cleanups or reimburse the government for EPA-led cleanup work. The Gowanus Canal was placed on the CERCLA National Priorities List (NPL) in March CERCLA, commonly known as Superfund, is a federal statute aimed at cleaning up sites that are contaminated with hazardous substances.

Paul Anderson became a pariah when he raised questions about his subdivision's land and the contamination underneath. EPA’s Superfund program is responsible for cleaning up some of the nation’s most contaminated land and responding to environmental emergencies, oil spills and natural disasters.

To protect public health and the environment, the Superfund program focuses on making a visible and lasting difference in communities, ensuring that people can .

A discussion on superfund contamination clean up
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