A cultural synopsis on philippines

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The Philippines

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A Brief Summary of Philippine Culture

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A Brief Summary of Philippine Culture

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Culture and Mythology/ Cultural Synopsis The Philippines term paper 19358

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Culture of the Philippines

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Culture of the Philippines

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Summaries History (Nina Milos) My section was about the history of the Philippines and how it became the country it is today. I discussed the first conquerings by the Spaniards in the ’s which brought trade to the islands.

The Cultural Center of the Philippines in Manila is a center for the performing arts that opened in It is a multibuilding complex created under the direction of former first lady Imelda Marcos, who encouraged musicians to enter the international community and receive additional training.

For the Philippine culture is a mixed conglomeration of different culture taken from and influenced by those who conquest it since the beginning of its arousal from the beds of the Pacific Ocean. The culture of the Philippines is a combination of cultures of the East and West.

Filipino identity was created primarily as a result of pre-colonial cultures, colonial influences and Chinese traders intermixing together; gradually evolving into a uniquely Filipino identity. Cultural Synopsis: Philippines The Republic of the Philippines is the only predominantly Christian nation in Asia and has a unique heritage of Malay, Spanish, and American cultures.

Philippines - Cultural life: Philippine society is a unique blend of diversity and homogeneity. Although geographically part of Southeast Asia, the country is culturally strongly Euro-American. Forces of assimilation have constantly worked to overcome cultural differences between the various ethnic groups that are scattered—sometimes .

A cultural synopsis on philippines
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